Kim Anh Co., Ltd, formerly Kim Anh Enterprise, was established in 1992 specializing in processing and trading of frozen seafoods.

          AND NOW …KIM ANH CO.,LTD

         The company is favorably situated in the fishing and aquaculture of Mekong Delta  areas therefore is able to tap intro the great regional raw material recourse, with a strict control on the implementation of quality assurance and food sanitation safety programs i.e GMP, SSOP, HACCP, BRC & ACC-BAP. Kim Anh’s product have gained trust from domestic and international customers.

            Kim Anh Co.,Ltd is currently managing four companies and processing plants : Kim Anh factory, Thai Tan seafood factory, Ngoc Thu Co., Ltd and Ngoc Thai Co., Ltd member .

           In which there are three companies specializing in processing and trading of shrimp with capacity of 20,000 MT finished product per year ( Kim Anh: 5,000 MT – Thai Tan: 10,000 MT – Ngoc Thu: 5,000 MT). The other new plant, Ngoc Thai, special in pangasius with capacity 25.000 MT finished product per year.

             In all, the processing output of Kim Anh Co., Ltd and its affiliated enterprises has already reached 45,000 MT finished product per year .

            Kim Anh’s products are distributed to end-users in more than 20 countries, our products are Breaded, Tempura, Roll Potato, Spring Roll, Sushi, Nobashi, Cooked, Raw, Skewer, Butterfly, HOSO, HLSO, ... ect. and there are packed in Block, Semi Block, IQF, Semi IQF, Vacuumed packed, Tray, IWP, interleave, Skin pack…etc.

           With facility and equipment of latest technology, imported from EU and Japan along with  skillful worker, Kim Anh’s products are of constant quality, meet to food safety product, good validity products and competitive prices. The company had a factory specializing in processing shrimp and fish feed, had 150 hectares cultivation area of shrimp and pangasius. So the company’s products is processed in a close control and material to be traceability clear.